Adobe Photoshop

If you have been shopping around for a graphics editor, chances are you have already heard about Adobe Photoshop. Of all the graphic design software on the market, Photoshop consistently comes up as a must have for most graphics professionals. What makes this graphics editor stand out from the rest of the competition?

Ease of use

There are varieties of features that make Adobe Photoshop one of the best in the game. Primarily, this application has to be one of the most user-friendly programs ever created. There are several discussion boards and websites filled with video tutorials dedicated to Adobe Photoshop; beginners and seasoned users are always able to find answers to any problems or questions that they encounter.

Non-destructive editing

Non-destructive editing is a feature that allows you to retouch photographs without ever touching the original image. This feature is not limited to photographs; it is also helpful for graphic designs. One of the advantages of non-destructive editing is that you can easily modify image effects and make various other adjustments to your project months after the first modifications. Non-destructive editing allows the user to make quick surface adjustments and makes editing more flexible, which makes the application that much more powerful.

State of the art editing tool set

One of the reasons why Photoshop is a standard among graphic design professionals is its image-editing capabilities. The software supports standard ICC color profiles and features advanced layering with masks, styles, shapes and adjustments. One of the coolest features of Photoshop’s tool set is cloning, which allows you to remove unwanted items such as leaves or electric wires from pictures, even people! It also allows you to import components from other pictures into your images. Another powerful tool is the healing brush, which allows you to remove imperfections, such as wrinkles, scratches and scars from a person’s face. Adobe Photoshop is unrivaled when it comes to its editing power.

Wide variety of plug-INS

There are several third party plug-INS available for Photoshop such as Digital Element’s Aurora plug-IN, which allows users to add natural 3D elements to any 2D image such as skies with clouds, water reflections and lighting effects. The program also includes Carrara 5 by Eovia, which makes creating 3D illustrations and animations a breeze and Strata Foto3D by Strata Design, which allows you to generate 3D models from photographs shot with a standard digital camera. These are only some of the hundreds of plug-INS available that provide customers with the ability to add even more capabilities to their software application and enable them to improve this already impressive software application.

If these features, options, tools and plug-INS are not enough to convince you that Adobe Photoshop is the way to go when it comes to graphic design and image editing, there is a free trial version available at