Learning Adobe Photoshop – What the Tools Mean

Understanding the tools of Adobe Photoshop is one of the basic things that you need to do in learning Adobe Photoshop. Of course, everything starts with how you use the tools and with how or what are they for.

To help you start in learning Adobe Photoshop, here are some basic tools to explore and how you can do with them.

The Brush Tool. This tool is represented by a brush on the toolbox found on the left-hand side of your document. This is one of the basic tools in Adobe Photoshop and you can do so many things out of this brush tool. You can choose the brush size and the color and you can paint on your image using this tool.

The Marquee, Lasso and Magic Wand Tools. These tools are used in selecting a part of your image or selecting a color in your image. The Marquee is used if you want to select a rectangular shape or if you want to make a rectangular selection in your image and is done by clicking and dragging it on the image. The Lasso tool is used if the selection you want to make is a little irregular in shape while the Magic Wand is used if you want to select a part of your image that only has one color.

The Clone Stamp. This tool is very useful in designing and editing as this allows you to remove a part of your picture, or you want to duplicate a part or a selection of your image. Say, if you want to delete a part of the background like strangers waving to the camera, you can use the Clone Stamp to copy the background that you want and cover it on the areas that you want to erase from the image. You can use this tool the Healing Brush Tool.

The Healing Brush Tool. In learning Adobe Photoshop, you will find this tool and the Clone Stamp tool amazing and interesting. The healing brush is used to smoothen out and repair scratches in your photo or image which is popularly used in smoothening a your face in the picture or erasing blemishes.

The Eraser Tool. As the name suggests, it erases a part of the image wherever you drag it to. Keep in mind though that if you are working on a single layer, using the eraser tool will make that part transparent, but if you are working on a background layer, it will erase to a secondary color that you have selected. You can determine if you are working on a layer or a background by looking at the palettes at the right hand side of your workspace.

Other than these, you can also find other tools that are useful in editing and designing. You can use the blur tool to blur edges or part of the images by dragging this tool on the part of the image. The Dodge tool is used to lighten a part of the image. The Burn tool to darken it, the Hand Tool to help you move your image in your workspace; and a few more tools that can help you make your image or your design come to life.